Our Athletics Director oversees a weekly schedule of physical education and activity designed to hone specific athletic skills, build teamwork, and guide students on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Activities like ball handling, yoga, martial arts and tumbling take place on-site in our Movement Studio. Students visit specialty facilities for swimming and team sports.



Students use a variety of materials and media to understand how to produce different visual effects in 2D and 3D media. Multimedia instruction supports visual creativity and is enhanced by access to tools in our Design Technology lab. Fine arts skills in drawing, ceramics, painting and print making are taught in conjunction with the Units of Inquiry. They learn and use expert vocabulary and study art from many styles, geographies, technologies and eras.

Performing Arts

Artistic performance allows students to practice public speaking, develop their technical skills, take creative risks and solve problems. They engage a broad range of music experiences including classifying and analyzing sounds, composing, exploring body music, harmonizing, singing, notation, reading music, songwriting and recording. Our students are exposed to a variety of dramatic forms including creative movement, impersonation, improvisation, mask work, mime, musical theater, role play, pantomime, puppetry, re-enactment, scripted drama, and skit from different eras, cultures and places.

Athletics, Multimedia, and Performing Arts Educators

A competitive swimmer growing up, Vadim moved to NYC in 2003 and founded Physique Swimming during his studies at Baruch College. Physique Swimming runs programs at 10 NYC pools, partners with after school programs and runs summer camp at Pine Street School.

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Sasha Feinman holds a B.A. from American University in Washington, DC and AMS Diploma from the Montgomery Montessori Institute. Sasha is committed to respecting and fostering children's development and promotes a collaborative environment in her classroom.

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Meghan holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting and Dramaturgy from The University of Glasgow and is pursuing a Master's at NYU in Educational Theatre. She received her B.A. from Boston College. Meghan completed her IB Primary Years Programme Category I training.

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Ashley holds a Master's in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College and a B.F.A. in Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute. She has taught early childhood since 2008. Ashley has completed her IB Primary Years Programme Category I training.

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Daniel holds a B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance and Music Education from the University of the Arts and an M.A. in Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He loves teaching in a setting that is based on inquiry and is student-centered.

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