Public School Students Thrive at Pine!

Over the years, parents who have come to Pine Street School from public schools like PS 276, PS 234, Spruce Street, PS 150, Peck Slip, PS 89, PS 33, and PS 41 are thrilled to see their children blossoming academically, growing self-confident and building a diverse group of friends from all over NYC and the world.

Since the pandemic, our public school alum have also been thankful that we maintained live, in-person instruction since the fall of 2020 so that their children did not lose academic progress or suffer socially.

Check out the personal testimonies of our Public-to-Pine families to learn more about their experiences.

Come to Pine!

From Pine Street Parents


Pine Street Parent to 4th Grader

Shelly Carter, a Clinical Pharmacist at Arine, talks about the love of learning her daughter, a rising 4th grader, developed after coming to Pine from PS 11 Purvis J Behan in Brooklyn.

"Jaida previously attended public school, and I found it was just memorizing and not really learning. What I've observed at at Pine so far is a true love of learning and wanting to know more. It's a warm, welcoming community. They're truly engaged in the nurturing of the children and wanting to see them learn and thrive."


Pine Street Parent to 2nd & 5th Graders

Mona Patel decided to transition her children to Pine from public school in July 2020. 

"We joined a Town Hall that helped us make the decision. There was one comment by Eileen, the head of school, who said that they were viewing this year as an exciting challenge to stretch their muscles in creativity and think about what they could uniquely teach the kids this year. As a design thinking expert myself and a woman who's TEDx talk is literally, See Problems as Opportunities, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. They don't see this year as a burden or challenge; they see it as an opportunity to teach differently and rise up to be better teachers."

Pine Street School offers Nursery 1s through 8th grade global learning experience in the heart of NYC’s financial district. We are proud to have been one of just a few schools in NYC that stayed open through the pandemic with strong leadership, organization and intelligent COVID management. Because we offer rolling admissions, many classes fill up quickly. Apply now to be considered for limited seats for the 2022/23 school year. Don’t let your child fall behind. Come to Pine!

Come to Pine!