nyc chinese immersion elementary

Elementary School

Our curriculum encourages both emotional and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their learning and in their personal development. We offer a technology-enabled, project-based problem solving setting that nurtures passion with a purpose for life-long learners.

Elementary School students investigate six units of inquiry for six weeks each. As they advance from grade to grade the level of investigation expands. Through these interdisciplinary units of inquiry, students acquire math, language, science, art, music, and social studies skills at grade level or above.

The IB assessment model is built around the philosophy of inviting students to participate in thinking about their own growth as learners. This approach begins training elementary students to take ownership of their individual assessments so that they are uniquely adept at doing so before they enter middle school.

Students engage in daily reflection on their work, review their ePortfolios, and discuss their progress with their teachers. They actively participate in the three annual conferences: parent-teacher, parent-teacher-student, and student-led. They are confident sharing what they have learned and discussing openly the challenges and growth they are experiencing. All of this information is reflected in the student report cards. View a student's ePortfolio.

2nd Grade Program of Inquiry 2016-2017

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