Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to speak Spanish to be admitted?

No. Middle School offers studies in various levels of proficiency.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, we encourage all families with children who are exceptionally suited to our program to apply for tuition assistance. Our priority is finding those special students who want to change the world. We will help with the rest.

Do you offer a sports program?

We have a unique approach to athletics. As a school based in one of the most resource-rich cities in the world, we leverage partnerships with established organizations that specialize in each area of health, wellness, fitness and athletics.

We curate experiences for each child based on his or her individual interests, and we put the full power of our program behind your child to nurture success in that area.

Will you offer a high school?

We do plan to open a high school at some point in the distant future. However, for now, we provide a concierge exmissions service in partnership with one of NYC’s most prestigious admissions consultant, Dana Haddad. Together with Dana, we begin planning your child’s path to high school starting in 6th Grade, ensuring that each and every step of middle school supports success in the next phase of high school.

Students in our middle school will be positioned to thrive in any high school worldwide. Our focus is helping you build that pathway based on the unique talents and interests of your child, and of course with respect for the journey your family will take in the coming years.