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Location & Facilities


Pine Street School sits right in the heart of the most exciting growth that has happened in New York City in decades.

All around us, beautiful high rise residential buildings, world class parks and piers, historic renovations, and Michelin-star restaurants are coming on line. All of this is happening within the five block radius of our school.

Amidst all of this development, there is the deeply rich and valuable asset of being located in the center of original New York City, where historic events transformed the region and the world. This incredible history is right at our doorstep, and so we will maximize it with a curriculum that is filled with field trips and inquiry that allows students to touch, experience and interact with one of the world’s most important historical moments.

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Indoor Environment

The physical environment of Pine Street School is much more than just a place for learning and teaching: it is a full partner in the learning and teaching dynamic. Our space is a wondrous, living breathing entity for teachers, students and parents to explore. Palpable energy flows along the curved walls. Open classrooms are filled with natural light.

The school is designed to feel as warm and welcoming as home. The environment is multi-sensory and nature-inspired. A walk down the hall is a journey along a winding river with lots of nooks and crannies and tucked-away places. Students can read a book, meet about a project, or share ideas.

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