Early Childhood at Pine Street School

toddler science program

Nursery (2s) Classroom

Young children feel at home in the inviting and aesthetically pleasing Pine Street School Nursery (2s) classroom. The environment fosters exploration, order, movement and freedom of choice. The size of furniture, bathrooms and shelving is proportioned to the learners, enabling self-care and the development of independence and confidence. Our carefully prepared classroom environment that adapts daily to the dynamic growth and evolving skills of the students.

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Preschool (3s) Classroom

Pine Street School offers a dual language Preschool Program for 3-year-olds that fosters social and cognitive development and lays the foundation for learning in multiple academic areas. Our Preschoolers learn to approach new challenges with confidence. They are empowered to become creative, well-informed, passionate and joyful learners and citizens of the world.

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Junior Kindergarten (4s) Classroom

Pine Street School’s Junior Kindergarten program is designed to prepare our 4-year-olds for the dynamic, collaborative experience of our play-based and inquiry-based IB/PYP (International Baccalaureate / Primary Years Program). Teachers are strategic facilitators who collaborate with and empower our young students to question and problem solve, to take action and reflect.