Spanish & Travel

Pine Street Middle School is a Spanish immersion school. We nurture fluency in and a deep appreciation for the Spanish language.

Our classes are taught through collaborations among English and Spanish-speaking teachers who carefully plan and choreograph each child’s exposure and instruction.

Language instruction is “dual language,” which is the most successful and organic method of language instruction. There is always a teacher present who speaks only English, and one who speaks only Spanish. Learning is fluid as teachers strategically apply support in both English and Spanish where and as needed.

Learning is highly collaborative, but each student is supported through an individualized approach.

Each year, in June, our Middle School students travel to a Spanish-speaking country for two weeks.

During their travel, they are living among and collaborating with Spanish speakers. They build relationships and make positive contributions to the societies and environments they encounter.

Our travel program is an integral part of our curriculum. In fact, the entire year’s program stems from the location and purpose of those two weeks of travel.

Travel is purposeful and service-minded, providing a rich and personal context for building language skills in authentic and lasting ways.

Parents are invited to join their children during these two weeks abroad.

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