BRING YOUR POD TO PINE! Extended to September 21!
For this year only, we are extending group annual tuition discounts of $4,000 per child for groups of two or more new families who enroll together at Pine Street School for the 2020-2021 School Year.

*Mention the names of the families in your group when you connect with our Admissions team. It's that easy!


Pine Street School tuition is designed to be inclusive of everything needed for a complete Pine Street School education. Annual tuition includes books and materials, lunch, educational technology such as MacBooks and iPads, athletic uniforms, field trips, and transportation during the school day. School is also in session for 180 days of school versus a NYC average of 150.

2020-2021 TUITION

  • Full-Day Nursery (2s)/Preschool (3s): $39,600
  • Junior Kindergarten (4s): $40,500
  • K-2nd Grade: $44,400
  • 3rd-5th Grade: $47,600
  • 6th-8th Grade: $49,900


We offer a 10% discount off annual tuition for siblings enrolled in Pine Street School or our sister school, Battery Park Montessori.


Tuition payments can be made in one, two, or nine installments.

Tuition schedule includes a 3% discount for paying by e-check. Discount will not apply to payments made by credit card.


Pine Street School is pleased to work with the Education Alliance Fund to support families seeking financial assistance with tuition for K-8th grade. Please follow the link to this organization and submit your application through them in order to be considered.

What Is Included in Pine Street School Tuition?

Educational Technology

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Our goal is that both students and their families have the opportunity to achieve the technological fluency essential to solution building and thought leadership in an evolving world. In addition to the many different tools in our state-of-the-art Design Technology Lab, students receive individual tools to support their in-class and home-based learning.

Junior Kindergarten students have access to iPads in their classroom as a shared resource. Projectors in every classroom interface with iPads to allow students to share their work, give presentations and collaborate with their classmates.

Kindergarten–2nd Grade tuition includes the use of an iPad during the academic year, as well as coding and robotics-oriented devices for use in the classroom. When students are ready, these devices will also be sent home for extended learning.

3rd–5th Grade tuition includes an iPad, coding and robotics-oriented devices as well as a laptop computer for use with a wider array of educational apps and websites, and to support keyboarding skills. Again, when students are ready these devices will be sent home for extended learning.

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Field Trips, Service Learning & Visiting Experts

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New York City is one of the most dynamic and resource-rich settings in the world for education. At Pine Street School we believe that engaged, hands-on experiences are the most effective encouragement students can be given to get the maximum value out of learning. Individual passions are seeded and developed for each child as they come to understand how to navigate their city in order to get the very best out of their surroundings.

From Kindergarten on, students make weekly field trips to places of historic value that add context and content to their units of study while bringing theory to life. Local experts in fields from arts to engineering make classroom visits and host students in their workplaces to run skills workshops and advance specific projects. Teachers use service learning to make abstract subjects real for students of all ages and take learning from the classroom to the community.

Entrance fees, exhibit tickets, transportation and all other costs related to Field Trips, Service Learning, and Visiting Experts are included in tuition.

In Middle School, international school trips are included in tuition.

Healthy Lunch Program

Eating healthy foods is key to growing up to be a smart eater. Each meal is prepared with the freshest local and organic ingredients. Cooking methods preserve the nutritional value of these quality ingredients. Meals are created to emphasize a variety of flavors and colors of foods to help your child enjoy eating healthfully.

Lunches at Green Ivy Schools are prepared by Little Green Gourmets. All meals are nut-free. Vegetarian and vegan options are available.

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Check Out A Sample Lunch Menu

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After School Programs

We offer extended-day programs for all ages at Pine Street School. After School Club House and specialty classes in everything from yoga to robotics are open to children from any school. After School programs are open to children from any school and walkover from Peck Slip School is available!