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Opportunities to Support Youth in Making a Difference

Pine Street School believes that all children can make a difference. Supporting young changemakers is a key ingredient in a Pine Street School education. Changemakers: Youth Activism broadens the opportunites for children in grades K-12 to get involved in sustainability-focused organizations to get involved in community service, participate in events, volunteer as youth activists.

Join the Action at Pine Street School!

Sustainability is one of our top priorities as a school. It is integral to our curriculum and school culture. We expect every member of our community to build sustainable practices and demonstrate commitment to reversing global warming and creating a healthier, earth-friendly environment.

We believe our students are uniquely positioned to be catalysts for change in this area. Our program invests them with the tools and insights they need to innovate and be activists for better practices.

Get Your Child Involved in Environmental Activism!

Have a child in elementary or middle school who is interested in becoming the next Greta Thunberg?

Beyond Plastics is the brainchild of Obama-administration EPA appointee, Judith Enck, who is no nonsense. She gets it DONE. Bills get passed. Bad guys get exposed. Plastics get banned. Her current target: The plastics industry.

Judith is inviting youth everywhere to get involved. Her first youth event on Zoom on May 14 had over 300 kids from all over the world, with many from the NYC area.

The last event was a youth "Act-Athon" on Zoom on June 25, 2020. Guest mentors included:

  • Fionn Ferreira, Won $50,000 from Google in 2019 for his project focusing on extracting micro-plastics from water.
  • Eliza Schiff, Member of the Climate Museum Youth Advisory Council and performed as a finalist in Climate Speaks at the Apollo last year.
  • Shelby O'Neill, Founder of Jr Ocean Guardians:

If you want your child to see how real activism works, now is your chance.



Changemakers: Youth Activism Recommended Organizations:

youth activism beyond plastics

BEYOND PLASTICS ○ Building a movement to end plastic pollution

To end plastic pollution by being a catalyst for change at every level of our society.


youth activism the climate museum

THE CLIMATE MUSEUM ○ Culture for Action

To inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions

Website | Climate Art for Congress | Climate Speaks: Youth Arts Program

youth activism cafeteria culture

CAFETERIA CULTURE ○ Citizen Science, Civic Action, Media & Arts

Working creatively with youth to achieve zero-waste, climate-smart school communities and a plastic free biosphere

Website | Get Involved

TEENS TAKE CHARGE ○ NYC High School Students

A student-led movement for educational equity in New York City

Website | Join

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