Pine Street Middle School

Our Innovative Middle School Curriculum

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Pine Street Middle School is a groundbreaking new approach to middle school, capturing the unique energy and spirit of adolescence in an engaging learning model that invites social collaboration through dynamic and relevant inquiry. This is middle school that looks into the future and nurtures modern skills and practices.


Language & Travel

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Pine Street Middle School is a Spanish immersion school. We nurture fluency in and a deep appreciation for the Spanish language. Each year, in June, our Middle School students travel to a Spanish-speaking country for two weeks.

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If you feel your child is an excellent fit for our program, talk to us about tuition. What we care most about is finding those special young people who are going to change the world. This is a place where they will thrive.


Meet Us

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We are a warm and welcoming community, and our upcoming events are a comfortable way for you and your child to explore our unique and innovative middle school. We have several socials coming up, most hosted by members of our school community and always include our school leadership, faculty and founder.

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Pine Street Middle School invites students to engage emerging technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, circuitry, biomimicry, quantum computing, 3D and 4D printing, origami robotics, and much more.

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Sustainability is one of our top priorities. It is integral to our curriculum and school culture. We expect every member of our community to build sustainable practices and demonstrate commitment to reversing global warming and creating a healthier environment.

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    We know you have questions and we're here to answer them! Read through our FAQ and schedule a visit to see our school in action and learn about our plans for our innovative Middle School.

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    Summer Programs

    At Pine Street School, we offer camps and after school programs through age 15.