Summer Camps

Pine Street School curates the city’s best camp providers in our state-of-the-art facilities to offer fun and engaging summer and vacation day camps for preschool, elementary, and middle schoolers from June through September.

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Upcoming Vacation Day Camps at Pine Street School

NORY Day Camps

November 27
November 29
December 6
December 23-24, 26-27, 30-31
January 2-3
January 20

Is your child inventive? creative? a problem solver?

If you answered yes to any of these characteristics, you have an innovator on your hands, and it just so happens we have the camp for you. Your child will spend the day doing what they love and learning while they do it. Young innovators will use their strengths, as well as develop new skills, to program a robot and build circuits and structures. We encourage children to ask "why" and will never answer "just because". Topics include: Builder's Engineering, Motion & Matter Physics, Robot Building, Blast Chemistry.


Past Summer Camps at Pine Street School

NORY Summer Camps

Soccer & STEM ◦ Robots & Science ◦ Swim & STEM ◦ NORY Innovators |

Curious Jane Camp

It's CAMP... for girls who like to make things! Weekly projects resolving around science + engineering + design. It's hands-on, project-based and superfun!


CinemaKidz is New York’s Premier Film + Media Program for kids: The chance to become Filmmakers, Animators, Movie-stars, Editors, and Adventurers during summer camp.

PlayWell TEKnologies

Bring Minecraft to life using tens of thousands of LEGO® parts!